Visit Baltics
Riga, Torna street 11

Here’s what you do in the capitals:

  1. Tallinn

    Tallin's street
    It takes 10 mins to reach centre from here
    To do in Tallinn
    • Go to park
    • View the panorama
    • Try Kaler sweets

    Look at the details

    Tallinn has lots of antique doors, signs and windows. Don’t hurry and look around to see the real Tallinn.

    Knocker on Estonian History museum door
    This door is at Suur-Karja 3
    Look above and find beautiful signboards and lanterns

    Visit the Town Hall Square

    Town Hall Square
    Square looks nice in daylight and in the evening, visit it twice
    — the town centre since the Middle Ages
    Traditional restaurant Kaerajaan with a good view and great food

    Try Vana Tallinn

    The classical version is a strong liqueur based on rum. But you can also try Yoghurt Cream liqueur made from natural yogurt.

    In the competition for the best product of Estonia in 2017, it won the first prize among alcoholic beverages.

    Vana Tallin
    Strong taste of herbs and alchocol
    Сola makes the taste softer
    Good for black and white coffee

    Relax in Kadriorg Park

    Visit in the early morning to avoid crowds
    — the most famous park in Estonia
    Flower in Kadriorg park

    The Kadriorg palace was built by Peter The Great’s edict for his wife Catherine. Niccolo Michetti was the author of the project, which was influenced by the Baroque style of Italian villas.

    The Emperor planned to use this place as a summer residence. He was attracted by its proximity to the sea — ten minutes on foot.


    Look at the town from the top

    Patkuli view point is 100 metres away from Kohtuotsa one
    Baltic sea
    Medieval stone tower
  2. Riga

    One hour is enough to find all Jugendstil objects during a calm walk
    To do in Riga
    • Find 38
    • Visit old town
    • Try bread

    Find Jugendstil buildings

    Art Nouveau buildings are very common for the city centre, making Riga the city with the highest concentration of this architectural style anywhere in the world.

    The buildings might look similar, but are in fact completely different in details. It is highly recommended to find them all. Map with all buildings

    This sculpture you can find at Alberta street

    Visit the house of the Blackheads

    Rātslaukums 7, Centra rajons
    Major part of original building was built in 1580, but it was bombed out by the Nazis on June 28, 1941
    Visit it at night, when the building is illuminated

    Try latvian food

    You should try at least two traditional Latvian dishes. One of the best places is Lido. They usually serve both and have
    a lot of spots all over Riga.

    Price 5$
    5$ average price for the dish
    Bread Soup
    Bread soup
    Peas & bacon
    Peas & bacon

    Find the oldest dwelling complex

    The oldest dwelling complex
    17th century
    16th century
    15th century
    Maza 21

    Buy the black balsam and sprats


    You might not like balsams as a drink, but it is a thing everyone knows about Riga. Try to find a taste you like or drink it in cocktails.

    You can buy balsam filled chocholates in any supermarket

    Wander around the old town

    Old Town
    Kramu street
    Riga centre is small, so you won’t get lost, just walk and enjoy
  3. Vilnius

    Zydu street
    Šv. Dvasios gatve
    To do in Vilnius
    • Roam around
    • Visit Uzupis
    • Look at the city

    Visit Užupis republic in Vilnius

    Price 5$
    National emblem of Užupis has a poetic meaning: if you have a friend, the whole world flows through you
    Angel with horn

    Užupis is a republic that doesn’t really exist. It has its own emblem, anthem and constitution. Everyone has a right to love, make mistakes and even die there.

    Take a bike to visit old town

    Vilnius bikes
    Cyclocity next to Rotušės a, 33
    First 30 minutes are free, then starting from € 3.39

    Walk along the Pilies street

    It’s one of the oldest and the most vivid street in the Old Town. It is so popular among tourists because of the typical old buildings and art details.

    Teapot decoration on the wall of tea shop at Pilies Street 6

    Explore the architecture

    — find Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Classicism architecture in one place
    Church of St. Johns, Šv. Jono g. 12
    Walk around 13 yards of the Vilnius University to see all its buildings

    Look at Vilnius from above

    Vilnius view
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